The Rise of Kpop Band BTS

Image Source: Jason LaVeris/Teen Vogue

BTS also known as the Bangtan Boys from South Korea is the epitome of the Kpop genre. It has managed to capture the hearts of a throng of female fans around the world. This group is composed of seven unique individuals namely RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jin and Jungkook. Their upbeat music, colorful music videos, flashy suits, dance ability and rap skills have caught the attention of the Billboard Music Awards, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Good Morning America and more.  

It is their energetic and incredible performance of Fake Love at the Billboard Music Awards that has further amplified their success not only in the United States but worldwide. Love Yourself: Tear is the second album of their Love Yourself series and the song Fake Love is in it. It has awaken again the interest of American fans since Gangnam Style from Psy as it has reached the top spot at the Billboard 200 Albums Chart. 

Imagery is at its finest with BTS and Nicki Minaj in Idol. This track is from Love Yourself: Answer, the second album of the Love Yourself trilogy. It is absolutely stunning with an array of colors and visuals. They incorporated very well the boys brilliant dance choreography with Nicki Minaj’s rap solo in the MV.

Their first song completely in English, Waste It on Me with Steve Aoki is the third entry in the Billboard Pop Song Hit Charts. A star-studded Asian-American cast is assembled for the music video which includes Ken Jeong, Jamie Chung, Ross Butler, Devon Aoki and Ben Baller. More celebs such as Leonardo Nam, Vincent Rodriguez, Jimmy Yang, Jessica Lu, Jared Eng and Tiffany Ma also have cameos. 

BTS melodious song Epiphany is given a magnificent cover by The Piano Guys.  It is an instrumental rendition of the Youtube sensation which did the likes of One Direction and Christina Perri. A Music Group Award is given to BTS this year at the People’s Choice Award adding to the accolades. The finalists in the same category are Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, 5 Seconds of Summer and Super Junior. 

The boys have an official fan club called the ARMY.  The ardent admirers of the group have an enormous presence in different social media platforms. This is what I call total dedication. A Kpop band as talented as they are musically deserves this much love. 

I have learned that they always spend time to be engaged with their fans. They interact with them through Twitter and video diaries. BTS makes it possible to speak to their fans after their concerts. This kind of experience that BTS offers to their fandom will definitely encourage band loyalty. Fans are appreciative of this effort given by the boys and their management, Big Hit Entertainment. I am impressed by this as well as their dance prowess and amazing choreography.

It has been reported that Ed Sheeran has given BTS a special shoutout. He has indeed expressed his desire to write a song for the group and work with them. Many fans and I right now are eagerly anticipating the release of that song. And I bet you are, too.  

8 Reasons Why A Series of Unfortunate Events is Not for the Faint of Heart

Image Source: Netflix/IMDb

If trouble comes, the natural response for any person is to cower or flee. That is not the case for Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire in the Netflix small screen adaptation of the children’s novel, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The author behind this novel is Daniel Handler whose pseudonym Lemony Snicket (Patrick Warburton) narrates the story. This story may be comedic and visually entertaining. Truth to be told, it is not for the faint of heart and listed below are eight reasons why. 

1. The ordeal begins after their parent’s demise.

It is stated that the fire which burned down the Baudelaire’s home is an accident. The incident has claimed the life of their mother and father. Violet, Klaus and Sunny are left parentless. 

They are instantaneously assigned in the care of a distant relative namely Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) whose malicious intention is yet to be uncovered. This guardianship is awarded by Mr. Arthur Poe, the designated and inept banker. 

2. The deceitful guardian is plotting countless ways to acquire the family fortune.

Count Olaf deviously contrives a scheme to steal the Baudelaire’s inheritance.  He is a master of disguise who dons costumes and uses prosthetic makeup to delude anyone. Furthermore, he is an unsuccessful actor with the inclination for the theatrics. 

His first evil plan is formulating a play called The Marvelous Marriage with a wedding scene as a trap to legally marry Violet Baudelaire and get his hands on their fortune. The moment he realizes that his scheme has been exposed, he and his minions have found a way to escape. His wickedness doesn’t end there.

3. The banker’s ineptitude put the Baudelaire siblings in risky situations.

Mr. Poe’s constant coughing and incompetence will make you cringe. Every time he decides where to place Violet, Klaus and Sunny if the previous guardian is no longer present to provide care for the children, his decision poses a risk to them.

4. The Baudelaire progenies are exposed perpetually in danger. Their individual skills and intellect help them survive.

Violet (Malina Weissman) is the eldest and a mechanical genius who can create useful contraption from any materials.  The middle child is Klaus (Louis Hynes) who has a photographic memory and is very well-informed because he has learned a lot of things from a variety of reading materials. The youngest one is Sunny (Presley Smith), the smart baby sister who uses her sharp teeth to aid her siblings when circumstance calls for it. 

5. The fate of the succeeding guardians is unfortunate.

The Baudelaire’s are entrusted to other guardians with peculiar character or traits. The next choice is Uncle Monty whose eccentricity is displayed for his love of reptiles. He is a kind man with nothing but good intentions for the siblings. Olaf disguised himself as Stefano, his new assistant and killed him placing the blame in one of his snakes. 

The third guardian is Aunt Josephine. She is said to be formidable but her fearless demeanor is a shadow of the past. She now lives in fear after her husband died because the leeches in the lake devoured him. She has suffered the same fate as Uncle Monty when Olaf pushed her to the leeches.

6. A secret society is involved in the turn of events.

VFD and what does it stand for? It is explained in the series that the parents of the Baudelaire’s are part of it. Mystery and intrigue surrounds the organization. Every mishap that occurs in the story has something to do with the fact that Beatrice and Bertrand Baudelaire are members of it.

7. Adults conspire in vile ways for their own advantage.

Count Olaf and Dr. Georgina Orwell connive to make Violet, Klaus and Sunny’s lives in the Lucky Smells Lumbermill unbearable. They use hypnosis to the children and the workers to create chaos in the mill. They want the Baudelaire’s to be perceived as a burden so that the officer in charge will let them go and Olaf will receive their care. 

Esme Squalor who is one of the new guardians reunites with Gunther also known as Count Olaf in disguise. She is actually Olaf’s former acting student and current girlfriend who is ready to help him with his dirty work in connection with the orphans.

8. The children’s voice is unheard.

The Baudelaire children have told the adults numerous times that the impostor is Olaf in their every encounter. It is unbelievable to think that the grown-ups are very much oblivious of Count Olaf’s antics. 

These adults find what the children are trying to tell them hard to believe. This is quite true in real life. Grown-ups tend not to listen when the children want to communicate with them. This kind of attitude could sometimes result in undesirable consequence. 

It takes understanding and courage to see how the Baudelaire’s will conquer the evil that always plague them. A glimmer of hope is still evident despite their plight.  Lemony Snicket warns you beforehand to either watch or look away. It is up to you to decide.